Republic of Ireland vs Serbia

Republic of Ireland vs Serbia – World cup qualifications

Republic of Ireland vs Serbia – World cup qualifications, Ireland and Serbia in 8th round of Group D. Currently two first placed sides. Serbia is two points clear on the top after beating the other day at home weak Moldova 3:0 while Ireland took just point on the road at Georgia, 1:1.

Obviously for Ireland possible victory here is bigger imperative. Serbia will keep leading position even with draw while Ireland if fail to win could lose even second place or at least could be tied with Wales after this round. Namely Wales play on the road but against weak Moldova where three points are expected. Not to talk that in October will follow match Wales vs Ireland. So, that’s why Ireland probably will be more focus on attacking. But in Serbian team everyone says how they are going here for all three points and thus in some hand to secure first place and direct Visa for World Cup.

Republic of Ireland vs Serbia – World cup qualifications,Still, all this is usual talk talk talk (from both sides) but when such important game start, in reality we usually wont see anything of that. I mean, when both teams are ”going for a win” that’s usually turn out to be very cautious approach from both sides, almost no action at all, at least in some early stage. And then 0:0 at half usually occur. Just look on yesterday’s game between Montenegro and Romania where the hosts needed victory very much, Romania even with win would have theoretical chances, without win not even theoretical, so it was expected they will go hard for all three points. But in reality it was pretty boring match where neither team was not chasing to much for a win and almost to finish 0:0.

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The first mutual game between Serbia and Ireland played in Belgrade ended with 2:2 draw. Definitely not type of game I expect to see now. When Serbia play at home, that is usually very offensive approach from their side. Plus, back then they were without first goalkeeper Stojkovic and young Rajkovic was on goal. Rajkovic is very talented but honestly, he was responsible for both goals Serbia has conceded back then. Now with Stojkovic, Serbian defense will look way stronger. This guy saved Serbian team so many times.

All in all, IMO Ireland will hardly be able to score, Serbia probably not too offensively oriented, probably both teams not too offensively oriented in first 45 minutes.

First half draw IMO is great bet here.

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