Eindhoven vs Jong PSV

Eindhoven vs Jong PSV – Holland Jupiler League

Eindhoven vs Jong PSV – Holland Jupiler League, another interesting fixture from the Holland Juplier League.One of the candidates for promotion Eindhoven and the Jong squad of PSV who can stop everyone in the league.As many teams did, Eindhoven made a wrong step in the beginning of the season as well.They managed to draw Telstar 2-2.The game was really interesting as Eindhoven tried twice to make a comeback after losing 0-1 e te 1-2 but their defense was too shaky.Against Emmen on away they again received a goal after taking the lead.Being lucky in their last two rounds did not help them in the third game after facing the best team in the leagueNEC, but Eindhoven looked really solid and did the best they canscoring.NEC is not only the best team in the league, but the best home team with 21 straight wins at home(combined with their previous season in the league)

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On the other hand, Jong PSV were totally destroyed by Jong Ajax.No matter that the match is played by the little talents of these teams, it is still a great and fierce derby as fans of both teams came to show their support.To be honest, this match often has a different winner and it is hard to predict, but 0-3 is a serious damage to boys of PSV.Today they for sure will try to clear the dignity of the club as I believe they are perfectly educated how prestigious is to wear the red and white shirt.

All in all, both teams are with too shaky defense at the moment.Eindhoven are searching for their first win and PSV giving their best to overcome the big lose to their rivals.Both teams ofter produce a high-scoring games and this is a perfect shot for goals today.

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